YQN submersible dredge ip68 motor

YQN submersible dredge motor are developed for dredging, sand mining,marine equipment and other underwater condition, It is applied in trailing suction dredger,twisting suction dredger,sand mining ship for drive underwater pump,cabin pump,sand mining ship

Products Feature

Brand: Elom Brand

Capacity: 55-6300kW

Motor poles: 4P,6P,8P,10P,12P,14P,16P,20P,24P.

Frame size: 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800 , 900

Protection class:IP68 (continus working under water)

Submersible depth: 0-50M (Grade 1  )      50-200M(Grade 2 )    Above 200M (Grade 3)   

Asynchronous Speed: 240-1800r.p.m.

Insulating class: F/H

Voltage:AC 380/460/690/1000/1500/3000/6000V, 10000V   50/60Hz

Accessory:  PT100, PTC, PTO, Space heater, SPM vibration sensors, Leakage sensors(water and oil)

applications: wastewater treatment, railing suction dredger, twisting suction dredger, sand mining ship

Note: when the condition of application is not in accord with the above,please consult with us to settle



 YQN series submersible dredge electric motor

YQN series submersible dredge electric motor is developed for channel dredging, sand mining,marine equipment and underwater engineering.It is applied in trailing suction dredger,twisting suction dredger,sand mining ship, and special underwater equipment which is matched with underwater pump,cabin pump,sand pump,reducer, and special underwater equipment.It can work underwater or in cabins for a long period time. All of its functions

can satisfy various requirements of the above-mentioned ships,pumps and reducers.At the same time,the product has the characteristics of the structure reasonable,choose the material superior quality,install convenient and the credibility high etc.It is the perfect driving equipment of dredge industry and marine equipment When the product is used to match with converters,it has been taken full consider of the effects on the motor

created by the high-frequency harmonic of converter and the change of frequency,to insure it meet the requirements of frequency control on motor.

The product has a variety of installation forms.We can select it in accordance with the conditions



 Performance specification

Reliability,intelligence and green efficiency are the basis principles during the product designing.And it has been

taken full consider of the requirements of complexity of motor working underwater, strong overload capacity and

high reliability. The motor has the characteristics as follow:

  • Structure characteristic

YQN series motor is divided into three types:dry type,inflation type and oil-filling type.It is the closed structure.The type will be selected in accordance with different working conditions. The exposed outer shell of motor is made of corrosion-resistant steel and welded to shape.All of fastening components are of high quality stainless steel.Rotor are of squirrel-cage.

  •  Insulating process

In order to guarantee reliable operation,class H insulating material shall be adopted to be main insulation.

Stator slot insulation,layer insulation and impregnated paint are chosen as high-class and quality insulation,which can work normally under the condition of high temperature.The damp proof process is used when installing the whole set.

  • Sealing measure

Sealing of motor contains static sealing and rotary sealing.Static sealing shall be sealed by sealing compound and sealing rings.Rotary sealing utilizes mechanical seal and oil seal to combine seal, which mechanical seal is main and oil seal is assistant. The inner extension cable is also used oil resistant rubber as cable jacket.The inner connectors are sealed by special sealing process,which can avoid water from damaged cable into motor chambers and also prevent sweating caused by cable breathing,which due to working in humid environment or long-term placement

  • Inner protection

In motor inner,there are normal over heat protective sensor,motor inner chamber water sensor,oil chamber water sensor, cable connection chamber water sensor and bearing temperature sensor.All of alarm signals shall be

Transmitted to a motor protector and a display meter in motor switch gear.According to different signals,relevant

instruction and display shall be given.

  • Pressure balancing

When the electric motor is applied to deep sea,it usually equip with pressure balancing devices which could make

The pressure inside and outside of the electric motor well balance automatically.

  • Start control

Motor can adopt reduced voltage measure to start As for large capacity, it is better to adopt soft starting or inverter

starting control to start.Elom can supply the matched switch gear.By means of inverter or diesel engine, motor

has the ability to adjust running speed.Motor fully satisfies the characteristic requirements to adjust running speed.

  • Running detection

According to customer requirements, different sensors can be used to implement the following content of the

running detection.

a.Temperature: detection of stator temperature and bearing temperature

b.Vibration: detection of displacement,speed and acceleration

c.Power supply:detection of voltage and current

d.Leakage: detection of stator water and oil chamber water

e.Speed: detection of speed

It can monitor and warn the running state of equipment through above mentioned detections. It can analyze from time to time,track running status, and provide early warning report At the same time,it can also realize remote

monitoring and management of the Internet of Things.

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