Wind turbine generator

Elom's wind generator motor including squirrel cage generator,  slip ring doubly fed Induction Generator and permanent magnet synchronous generator, they are widely used in different circumstance to work with wind turbine generator sets

Squirrel cage asynchronous generator

Squirrel cage wind turbine generator is an induction generator with cage rotor structure, with power grade of 250KW to 5MW. It is used to support wind turbine generators with different power. The motor is installed in the engine room. The rotating shaft at the driving end is connected with the gearbox through the coupling to receive mechanical power, and the stator is connected with the power grid through the full power converter. The motor can operate within the speed range of 600 ~ 1800rpm to realize the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple maintenance, high reliability and simple control. Because the air volume changes all the time, the squirrel cage can well stabilize the generator speed in torque control and deliver stable 50Hz AC of different powers to the power grid through stator.

Squirrel cage asynchronous generator

1MW Squirrel cage asynchronous generator parameters

type 1MW rated speed 1550rpm
rated power 2650kw  centre height 630mm
rated Freqency  51.4hz rated voltage 750v
pole 4 stator connection delta
stator rated current 2307A power factor 0.89
efficiency 97.2% cooling method air-air
insulation class H mounting type IM1001
protection IP IP54 Wight  8300KG

    Main technical feature

    • The motor adopts H-class insulation system and vacuum pressure dip paint, and the insulation system can withstand high peak voltage;
    • The rotor adopts high-speed dynamic balance technology, which can ensure low vibration of the motor in the full speed range
    • The bearing system adopts anti shaft current design, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor;
    • The motor has passed ETL and CE certification and can be exported to North America and Europe.

    Wound rotor doubly fed asynchronous generator

    Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) is a kind of wound rotor induction generator. It is not only the core component of variable speed constant frequency wind turbine, but also one of the key components of wind turbine localization. The generator is mainly composed of motor body and cooling system. The motor body is composed of stator, rotor and bearing system. The cooling system is divided into three structures: water cooling, air cooling and air cooling.

    It is equipped with variable-speed doubly fed wind turbine generator sets with different power. The motor is installed in the engine room. The rotating shaft at the driving end is connected with the gearbox through the coupling to receive mechanical power. The stator is directly connected with the power grid. The rotor is connected with the power grid through four quadrant converter. The frequency, voltage and The amplitude and phase are automatically adjusted by the frequency converter according to the operation requirements. The unit can realize constant frequency power generation at different speeds to meet the requirements of power load and grid connection. Due to the use of AC excitation, the generator and power system form a "flexible connection", that is, the excitation current can be adjusted according to the grid voltage, current and generator speed, and the output current of the generator can be accurately adjusted to meet the requirements.

    Wound rotor doubly fed asynchronous generator

    1.5MW-5MW Wound rotor doubly fed parameter table

    capacity model 1.5MW 2MW 2.5MW 3MW 4MW 5MW
    rated power 1560kw 2150KW 2600 3100-3750KW 3600-4200KW 5300KW
    rated Freqency  50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz
    pole 4 4 6 4 6 6
    stator/rotor current 1090/390A 1506/590 1822/665A
    efficiency ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97%
    rotor voltage 1990V 1850V 1990v 1880V 1850V 2049V
    insulation class H H H H H H
    rated speed 1800 1800 1200rpm/min 700-1380rpm 1200 1200
    centre height 500 500 630 560 630 710
     stator/rotor voltage 690/420V 690/389V 690/415V 690/415 690 690
    stator connection Δ/Y Δ/Y Δ/Y Δ/Y Y/Y Y/Y
    power factor 0.95ind-1-0.95cap 0.95ind-1-0,95cap 0.95ind-1-0,95cap 0.95ind-1-0,95cap 0.95ind-1-0,95cap 0.95ind-1-0,95cap
    cooling method  air-air/ air-water air-air/ air-water air-air/ air-water air-air/ air-water air-air/ air-water air-air/ air-water
    mounting type IM1001 IM1001 IM1001 IM1001 IM1001 IM1001
    protection IP IP23/IP54 IP23/IP54 IP23/IP54 IP23/IP54 IP23/IP54 IP23/IP54
    weight 7200KG 7800KG 11300KG 12500KG 13200KG 17600

    Main technical feature

    • Proprietary bearing structure and insulation technology are adopted to effectively inhibit bearing electric corrosion.
    • The group adopts H-class corona resistant insulation structure and vacuum pressure impregnation paint, which has the ability to deal with the rapid change of special environment.
    • With more than ten years of mature technology and operation verification of more than 1000 units, it is tailored for users.
    • Using the standardized and modular design concept, it has multi-directional and diversified external interfaces, which is suitable for the random configuration of different engine rooms, with reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
    • The products have passed the certification of certification and classification society.
    • The improved motor is suitable for low wind speed, high altitude and coastal wind fields, and meets the special performance requirements of low temperature rise, salt fog prevention and low noise

    3MW Permanent magnet synchronous generator

    The motor is a 3MW integrated semi direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine, which is matched with 3MW permanent magnet wind turbine and is suitable for inland and coastal wind farms. The motor is installed in the engine room and driven by impeller and speed increasing box. The stator is connected to the power grid through four quadrant converter to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

    The generator is directly suspended and connected with the gearbox, and shares some parts such as bearings, which greatly shortens the axial size of the unit. The stator casing water-cooling structure and forced air cooling of the rotor are adopted to further reduce the volume and weight of the motor. By adding a primary gearbox at one end of the generator for speed increase, it not only reduces the failure risk and loss of the high-speed gearbox of the doubly fed wind turbine generator, but also avoids the difficulties in manufacturing, transportation and maintenance and the increase in cost caused by the excessive volume and weight of the generator of the low-speed unit. It has the advantages of simplicity, reliability and simple and effective solutions for low-voltage ride through.

    Permanent magnet synchronous generator

    Permanent magnet synchronous generator parameter table

    type 3MW rated speed 480/526/550rpm
    rated power 3200/3400/3620KW centre height 630mm
    rated Freqency  45.8hz rated voltage 710v
    pole 10 stator connection Y
    stator rated current power factor 0.9 cap
    efficiency 97.2% cooling method air-water
    insulation class F/H mounting type IM1001
    protection IP IP54 Wight  12000KG

      Main technical feature

      The generator is suspended and connected with the gearbox, integrates the rear bearing of the gearbox and the bearing at the driving end of the generator, shares the front cover and lubrication system of the generator, cancels the coupling, greatly shortens the axial size of the transmission chain, and reduces the weight and cost of the whole machine;


      The rotor magnetic pole adopts the eccentric magnetic pole box structure, the harmonic content of air gap magnetic field is low, and the assembly and protection of permanent magnet are simple and reliable;


      The stator winding of generator adopts casing water cooling, and the waterway adopts "s" double circuit heat exchange flowing in the opposite direction, with uniform heat dissipation; The rotor adopts forced air cooling to isolate the thermal influence of the stator on the permanent magnet;


      The stator adopts inclined slot structure to effectively weaken tooth harmonic;


      Insulated end caps are used to prevent damage to bearings caused by shaft current.






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