Case Example

2200KW slip ring motor for cement ball mill replacement in Indonesia

In December 2018, the Indonesian partner sent an email saying that in the production workshop of a large local cement plant, a 2200KW high voltage slip ring  motor used to drive the cement mill broke down due to its long service life. The cement production enterprise was very anxious and urgently carried out project bidding, After learning this news, we urgently held a special project analysis meeting with local agents and formulated relevant technical and business public relations plans!

First of all, we let the local agents enter the mill workshop of the cement plant, have a detailed understanding of the on-site use environment and make an in-depth analysis of the needs of customers.

Due to the serious dust situation in the cement mill workshop on site, the old motor adopts the type of external clean ventilation pipeline system. In order to ensure the convenience of on-site installation and reduce the additional work caused by replacing the new motor on site, we have mapped the position of the cold air duct and relevant interface dimensions in detail, and designed the motor that does not need any change on site. After submitting the customized scheme, it has been evaluated, Our products have achieved the highest technical score.

then, In the next business link, we followed the needs and doubts of users, answered patiently, and finally obtained the project. At present, the project has been running successfully for more than 3 years. Users are very satisfied with our ELOM products and purchase our products for many times!

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